After '68: Protests Movement in Italy and Europe in the Last Decades of the Cold War

Catégorie :Rencontres scientifiques

Date :lundi, 28 novembre 2011

Lieu :Biblioteca del Senato, piazza della Minerva, Roma (Italie)

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Afternoon roundtable in Rome

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CONVENORS: Valentine Lomellini (Dipartimento di Studi Internazionali - Università di Padova), Martin Klimke (German Historical Institute – Washington D.C.), Valerio Augusto Strinati (Biblioteca del Senato – Roma)

Welcome: Valerio Augusto Strinati (Biblioteca del Senato – Roma)

Chair: Silvio Pons (Università di Roma – Tor Vergata)


Kacper SZULECKI (Konstanz Universität): "Glocalizing Peace in a Divided Europe”. The Transnational Dimensions of Czechoslovak and Polish Peace Activism in the 1980s

Celia DONERT (Centre for Contemporary History - Potsdam): A Defeated Universalism: The Human Rights of Women in State Socialist Europe

Commentator: Philip Gassert (University of Augsburg)


Guido PANVINI (Università "La Sapienza"/Università degli Studi del Molise): The “Diaspora” of Lotta Continua during the 1980s

Lorenzo BOSI (European University Institute): The processes of institutionalization of the Northern Ireland Civil Rights Movement: A social movement approach

Commentator: Marco Gervasoni (Università del Molise)


Valentine LOMELLINI (Università di Padova): Loosing hegemony: Italian Communists, the peace movement and the creation of new political identities in the 1980s

Martin KLIMKE (German Historical Institute – Washington D.C.): From Environmental Movement to 'Anti-Parties Party': The Rise of the West German Greens in 1980s Cold War Culture

Karolina PIETRAS (University Paris IV, La Sorbonne): Lessons from the Last Decade of the Cold War: Different Paths of the East German and Polish Opposition

Commentator: Marc Lazar (Sciences Po – Paris / LUISS)


Commentator: Antonio Varsori (Università di Padova)

Panelists: Philip Gassert, Marco Gervasoni, Marc Lazar, Silvio Pons

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