Europe seen from here and elsewhere

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Date :du jeudi, 01 décembre 2011 au vendredi, 02 décembre 2011

Lieu :Maison de l'Université, Place Émile Blondel, Mont Saint Aignan (Rouen) (France)

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Le colloque final du projet de recherche EuroBroadMap (7e PCRD), sera, sur 2 jours, un événement d'envergure internationale aussi bien du fait de la composition de son comité scientifique que par l'origine géographique des participants. Il sera bilingue, français et anglais.

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Wednesday, 30th November 2011

City Hall / Hôtel de Ville / Mairie, Place du Général de Gaulle-Rouen

19h00-20h30 - Welcome drink and welcome address offered by the Mayor of the City of Rouen, Valérie Fourneyron.

Thursday 1st December 2011

Maison de l'Université, Place Emile Blondel, Mont Saint Aignan (20 minutes ride from Rouen train station)

8h30 - Registration

9h00-9h30 - OPENING SESSION [Salle de conference]

  • Clarisse DIDELON (Coordinator of the EuroBroadMap Project)
  • Simona ARDOVINO (Project officer, DG research, European Commission)
  • Cafer OZKÜL (President of the University of Rouen) (TBC)


9h30-11h00 - PLENARY SESSION A: «EUROPE» OF THE MIND [Salle de conference]

Unlike the other world powers (the USA, Japan, China, Brazil, India, Russia…), the EU must seek to combine the often divergent visions produced by its individual Member States, each with a different historical, political or cultural heritage, into a coherent message. The plenary session A will open two interlinked debates. Firstly, it will examine the different subjective visions of "Europe in the world" that currently exist within Europe/the European Union seeking to determine how these imply different strategies (or the lack of a common strategy), in the external relations and diplomatic strategy of the EU and its Member States. Secondly, it will examine the place allotted to the EU in the visions of the world produced by non-European countries highlighting the implications of these external visions for the future development of the EU societies. The objective of this session is to compare the discoveries made by researchers in various disciplinary fields in relation to the existence of various subjective visions of Europe in the world.

Chair: Meenakshi THAPAN

Discussion: France GUERIN-PACE

  • Claude GRASLAND (University Paris Diderot Paris 7): Synthesis of results of the EuroBroadMap project
  • Sonia LUCARELLI (University of Forli-Bologna): Beyond Self Perception: the Others' View of the European Union

11h00-11h30 - Coffee Break

11h30-13h00 - PARALLEL SESSION 1: Internal/External visions of Europe (1/3) [Salle de conférence]

Chair: Violette REY

  • F. Guérin-Pace, K. Emsellem, A. Brennetot, Dire l'Europe de l'intérieur et de l'extérieur. Une analyse textuelle du corpus de mots associés à l'Europe par les étudiants de l'Union européenne et de ses marges
  • Denise Matos-Moura, The choice of destination: Europe
  • Hamdi Emec, Bingol Pelin, Comparative Geographical Perception of World Analysis Between Turkish And Azerbaijani Students
  • Anaïs Le Thiec, Les investissements directs étrangers : un indicateur de l'image de la Roumanie dans le monde

11h30-13h00 - PARALLEL SESSION 2 : Students' Mental Maps [Salle div. Nord]

Chair: Sophie de RUFFRAY

  • Yue-min Ning, Dan He, Fan Zhang, A Study of Chinese Students' Visions of Europe
  • Françoise Bahoken, Students' visions of the geocenter of Europe. Centrographic analysis of mental maps
  • Eduarda Marques da Costa, Ana Pedro, Neli Mello-Thery, Hervé Thery, Perception of Europe in the world by Portuguese and Brazilian Students: Do mental barriers exist?
  • Ogul Zengingönül, Nihal Kirkpinar Acar, European perception by Turkish students

13h00-14h00 - Lunch Break


Conflation occurs when the identities of two or more individuals, concepts, or places, sharing similar characteristics become confused to the point where, effectively, a single identity seems to emerge. The EuroBroadMap project began from the assumption that the notion of "Europe" currently used by numerous actors in their mental representations of the world has to be further discussed. The plenary session B will examine-with a historical perspective in mind-how "Europe" could, or should, be distinguished from the European Union in various fields (economics, politics, cultural and symbolic representations). The objective of this session will be to focus on the contradiction between the subjective and blurry object called "Europe" and the political reality called "European Union". In political terms as in economic terms, the confusion between "Europe" and the "European Union" is a problem that should, however, be amenable to clarification.

Chair: John O'LOUGHLIN (TBC)

Discussion: Yann RICHARD

  • Gilles VAN HAMME (Free University of Brussels): Synthesis of results of the EuroBroadMap project
  • Vladimir KOLOSSOV (Russian Academy of Sciences)


15h00-16h30 - PARALLEL SESSION 3: The EU as a global actor (1/2) [Salle de conférence]

Chair: Alain RUCHE

  • Natalia Chaban, Martin Holland, Assuming Superpower Status? Evolving Asian Perceptions of the EU
  • Yann Richard, Gilles Van Hamme, L'Union européenne comme acteur. Une contribution géographique à un débat de relations internationales
  • Laurent Beauguitte, EU at the UNGA: EU, Europe or Occident? A quantitative analysis regarding sponsorship and voting behavior at the UNGA (1985-2010)
  • Claude Grasland, The Shrinking influence of the EU in the World
  • Maude Sainteville, L'Europe dans la mondialisation boursière - Structuration et régionalisation de l'espace économique par les flux boursiers


15h00-16h30 - PARALLEL SESSION 4: Internal/External visions of Europe (2/3) [Salle div. Nord]

Chair: Violette REY

  • François Moullé, Sylvie Condette, Jean Perlein, Christophe Duhaut, Territoire d'Europe, regards d'européens
  • Battisti Gianfranco, Which kind of Europe. The identity of the EU as Outlined in the Constitutional Project
  • Burcu Kumbul-Guler, Hamdi Emec, Is Turkey a European Country?
  • Bernard Elissalde, Mehmet Ali-Akinci, Turquie et Europe : peut-on redresser des miroirs déformants?
  • Michael Reardon, Lisa van Well, Alexandre Dubois, Perception of Europe, young potentials and demographic challenges

16h30-17h00 - Coffee Break


The EuroBroadMap project has elaborated two interlinked tools for the diffusion of results of the project. The Subjective Mapper is a web application that proposes comparative visions of the world from the point of view of 12 countries located inside and outside the EU. The Educational Toolkit is a set of activities that can be engaged by teachers on the basis of the EuroBroadMap results.

Chair: Sonia LUCARELLI

Discussion: Hervé THERY

  • Nicolas LAMBERT, Claude GRASLAND (UMS RIATE): Presentation of the EuroBroadMap's Subjective Mapper
  • Clarisse DIDELON, Arnaud BRENNETOT (University of Rouen): Presentation of the EuroBroadMap's Educational Toolkit

20h00 : Conference Dinner and visit of the Rouen Museum of Arts (Museum of Arts of the City of Rouen, Esplanade Marcel-Duchamp-Rouen)

Friday 2nd December 2011

Maison de l'Université, Place Emile Blondel, Mont Saint Aignan



The concept of "border" is not limited to geography and, as such, is widely used in both sociology and political science. How then can it best be applied to the question of problematising the limits of Europe and more generally to discuss and criticise the traditional division of the world into regions or continents? Many divisions of the world can be produced in accordance with various criteria or hypotheses, the delimitation of temporary borders is, however, the result of conflicts between actors who introduce norms into a fuzzy and complex reality.

The Plenary session C will examine how the classical "mosaic vision of a world" divided into states or continents (P.J. Taylor, 2001, Being Economical with the Geography) can be critiqued on the basis of alternative approaches based on network or fuzzy regionalisation. The objective of this session will be to focus on this conceptual approach to geography in order to identify the "epistemological obstacles" that hamper the development of innovative visions. The session will focus on "European borders" and "continental limits" as a starting point for the exploration of alternative ways of representing the world, based on a non-territorial approach (networks), or a relaxed territorial approach (fuzzy areas, gradients)

Chair: Yue Min NING

Discussion: Hervé THERY

  • Clarisse DIDELON (University of Le Havre), Sophie de RUFFRAY (University of Rouen): Synthesis of results of the EuroBroadMap project
  • Christian GRATALOUP (University Paris Diderot): The invention of «continents» (speech in French, translated in English)

10h00-10h30 - Coffee Break

10h30-12h00 - PARALLEL SESSION 5: The EU as a global actor (2/2) [Salle de conférence]

Chair: Alain RUCHE

  • Cesar Ducruet, Marine Le Cam, Faraz Zaïdi, Europe in global maritime networks
  • Peter Pernyesz, Gabor Dudas, Mapping the economic distance and accessibility of the EU "hub" cities using air traffic data
  • Céline Rozenblat, European cities in the Regionalized World of Multinational Firms Networks
  • Françoise Bahoken, Evolution des limites de régions fonctionnelles «européennes» liées aux flux internationaux


10h30-12h00 - PARALLEL 6: Migrants visions of Europe (1/2) [Salle div. Nord]

Chair: Meenakshi THAPAN

  • Maurice Said, Anna Spiteri, Camille Schmoll, Meenakshi Thapan, Jean-Yves Blum Le Coat, Fanny Jedlicki, Pilar Gonzalez Bernaldo, Migration and Integration. Changing Perceptions of Europe from Without to Within-A case for Migrant Women
  • Rosy Hastir, Sikh immigrants in Italy, "images of European nations"
  • Betty Rouland, Frontière et migrations internationales dans le sud de l'Europe : de la dimension politique à la dimension socio-spatiale
  • Maitrayee Deka, Frozen Image of Europe: Football, Media and Immigrants of Algerian Origin in France
  • Athanase Bopda, Claude Grasland, France Guérin-Pace, A north-south transect of vision of Europe and the world


10h30-12h00 - PARALLEL SESSION 7: Internal/external visions of Europe (3/3) [Salle div. Sud]

Chair: Natalia CHABAN

  • Veit Bachmann, The EU as an actor in ‘development': views from East Africa,
  • Sharon Pardo, Israeli visions of Europe. Elite, civil society and media visions and perceptions.
  • Vladimir Kolossov, Yann Richard, Hervé Théry, The world vision from large powers : the case of BRICs
  • Zhengxu Wang, Li Zhang, Ying Yu, Chinese view of EU: Public Opinion and Elites Perception
  • Eduarda Marques da Costa, Ana Pedro, Ana Leitão, "A look on Europe" The vision of the Eastern European Immigrants and of the Portuguese students.

12h00-13h00 - Lunch Break

13h00-14h30 - PARALLEL SESSION 8: Migrants visions of Europe (2/2) [Salle div. Nord]

Chair: Catherine QUIMINAL

  • Pilar Gonzalez Bernaldo, Fanny Jedlicki, Le rêve européen des classes moyennes argentines
  • Meenakshi Thapan, Imagined Landscapes
  • Nannette Abrahams, Euroscapes in Senegal seen through the lense of the hip hop movement
  • Jean-Yves Blum Le Coat, Catherine Quiminal, Europe's representations of migrants and EU migration policies


13h00-14h30 - PARALLEL SESSION 9: Europe in textbooks [Salle div. Sud]

Chair: Yann RICHARD

  • Fernanda Fonseca, Fernanda Righi, Neli Mello-Théry, Europe in Brazilian's Geography Textbooks.
  • Parul Bhandari, Understanding Europe through Indian Textbooks
  • Eduarda Marques da Costa, Nuno Marques da Costa, Ana Louro, Alexandre Baptista, Ana Luisa Dias, Geographical perception of Europe through Geography scholar textbooks "an evolutionary analysis from 1933 to 2009"
  • Arnaud Brennetot, Muriel Rosemberg, Europe and the European Union in geography textbooks

14h30-15h30 - Posters presentation by authors [Lobby]

  • Gabor Dudas, Peter Pernyesz, Agnes Katona, Shrinking distances? Mapping the economic distance and accessibility of the EU "hub" cities using air traffic data
  • Kevin Crochemore, Mathilde Mus, L'Europe vue par l'ITF : de la représentation d'un idéal au choc des organisations
  • Geoffrey Pion, Gilles Van Hamme, The relevance of the World system approach in the era of globalization of economic flows and networks: a focus on Europe
  • Vladimir Kolossov, Maria Zatova, Post-imperial transformations of the world geopolitical vision in Russia: a European country or an autonomous centre of power?

15h00-15h30 - Coffee Break


The aim of this final session is to share experience of various EU funded project working on mental maps and external perception of the EU in the world. The debate will be organised in two parts: (1) a discussion of possible political recommendations or policy options suggested by the results of the different projects; (2) a discussion of further research needed on the basis of cross-analysis of results obtained by each project.

Chair: Simona ARDOVINO

Discussion: Pierre BECKOUCHE

  • Sonial LUCARELLI: The External Image of EU
  • Natalia CHABAN: EU External perceptions
  • Richard PASCOE: Chinese view of EU
  • Clarisse DIDELON, Claude GRASLAND: EuroBroadMap, Visions of Europe Seen From Outside

17h30-18h00 - CLOSING SESSION [Salle de conférence]

Claude GRASLAND (Coordinator of the EuroBroadMap Project)

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