Ropes around the necks of our debtors’: Europe and the Transnational History of Development, 1920-1970

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Date :mardi, 13 mars 2012 à 17:30

Lieu :UCL, Londres (Royaume-Uni)

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Patricia Clavin will explore in this lecture the ties between international efforts to reconstruct and ‘stabilize’ Austria, Hungary, Poland, Greece and Bulgaria after the First World War, to the ideas and practices of international development after 1945. It is a story of how bankers and economists sought to shape the world, and how their work was challenged and refashioned by nutritionists, agricultural lobbyists and activists less concerned with raising living standards than with protecting the ‘manner of life’.

Détails :

This lecture will be given by Professor Patricia Clavin (Jesus College Oxford) at 5.30pm on 13 March 2012 in the Haldane Room, UCL.

Patricia Clavin is Fellow and Tutor in History, Jesus College and Professor of International History at the University of Oxford. She is completing a history of the economic and financial work of the League of Nations, and her new project, in collaboration with Sunil Amrith at Birkbeck, explores the role of international organizations in the history of security and development.

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