GDPR & Historical Archives

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Date :lundi, 23 mars 2020

Lieu :Frankfurt am Main

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GDPR & Historical Archives

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GDPR & Historical Archives
23 Mar 2020 at 11:00am
Frankfurt am Main, Germany

eabh in cooperation with the European Central Bank

This workshop aims to look at the impact of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) on historical archives, in particular, but not exclusively, in the financial sector.

Since May 2018, the GDPR has set common standards of data protection within the European Union and, to a certain extent, beyond. This regulation received critical acclaim by the public and scholars alike, however not without facing wide criticism for the severity of the changes it requires to implement. Without doubt though, it has achieved to re-establish the topic of data protection on the political agenda as well in the public and business sphere. The ever-increasing collection of digital data has required common actions to limit the usage of personal data.

Amongst others, following questions will be addressed at the workshop: What is new for historical archives under the GDPR regime? Has the GDPR drastically changed the handling of personal information in archives? How shall we balance data protection with other significant areas relevant for archives, in particular public access to records (transparency) and freedom of science? Can we identify particular data protection requirements in the financial sector (public institutions as well as private banks)? How shall the GDPR be further developed in the future?
10.45 Welcome Coffee & Registration
11.00 Welcome
11.10 Keynote
Evanthia Chatziliasi (Data Protection Officer ECB)
11.40 Case study
GDPR at the Historical Archives of the European Union, Florence
Ruth Ingeborg Meyer (HAEU)
11.50 Session 1
Moderator: Maria Luisa di Biagio (ECB)

A short history of information policies
Alfredo Gigliobianco (Bank of Italy)

Data protection rules vs web archiving? – How to balance data subjects' rights with transparency
Els Breedstraet & Carl Springer (Publications Office of the European Union)

The role of the archivist and records manager in the current GDPR environment
Mike Moss (University of Glasgow) & Claire Johnson (Information management consultant)
12.50 lunch
13.50 Session 2
Moderator: Steffen Schwalm (MSG Group)

Photographs and personal data protection in Banco de España Archive
Patricia Alonso & Elena Serrano (Banco de España)

GDPR and historical archives in private companies: The French banks’ archivists’ thinking
Cathy Drévillon (madamepapier)

GDPR in Central Archives for Finnish Business Records (Elka)
Jarmo Luoma-aho (Central Archives for Finnish Business Records)

14.50 Coffee
15.20 Session 3
Moderator: Matthias Weber (ECB)

The boundaries of archiving
Arye Schreiber (MyEDPO)

Collection, protection & collaboration: Articulating archival purpose in the age of GDPR
Melanie Peart (University of Surrey) & Vanessa Platt (former University of Surrey)

Oral history and personal data: Recording, archiving and re-use under GDPR
Rob Perks (The British Library)
16.30 Visit to the ECB Historical Archives (limited places only!)