Societal Actors in European Integration Polity-Building and Policy-making 1958-1992

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Directeur de l'ouvrageJan-Henrik Meyer, Wolfram Kaiser

Titre Societal Actors in European Integration Polity-Building and Policy-making 1958-1992


In this volume an international cast of contributors analyze and discuss the role of societal actors in European integration from the creation of the present-day European Union in 1958 to the Maastricht Treaty in 1992. Based throughout on newly accessible sources the authors discuss a variety of societal actors from political parties to business groups and civil society organizations demonstrating the scope and limits of their role in European polity-building and policy-making before the Maastricht Treaty, with an outlook on the period since then. This is an important text for students and Scholars of European Studies, European Union Politics and contemporary History.

Beyond Governments and Supranational Institutions: Societal Actors in European Integration; W.Kaiser & J-H.Meyer
Europeanization of Christian Democracy? Negotiating Organization, Enlargement, Policy and Allegiance in the European People's Party; W.Kaiser
Shaping European Development Policy? Socialist Parties as Mediators from the International to the European Level; C.Salm
Regulating Markets: Peak Business Associations and the Origins of European Competition Policy; W.Bührer & L.Warlouzet
Developing a 'European strategy': Business Groups and Trade Policy-making in the Kennedy Round; L.Coppolaro
Preventing Reform: Farm Interest Groups and the Common Agricultural Policy; C.Germond
From Development Business to Civil Society? Societal Actors in Development Cooperation; M.Rempe
Demanding Democracy in the Workplace: The European Trade Union Confederation and the Struggle to Regulate Multinationals; F.Petrini
Establishing a Constitutional Practice: The Role of the European Law Associations; M.Rasmussen
Challenging the Atomic Community: The European Environmental Bureau and the Europeanization of Anti-Nuclear Protest; J-H.Meyer
Beyond Maastricht: Societal Actors in European Integration since 1992; K.Heard-Lauréote
Polity-Building and Policy-Making: Societal Actors in European Integration; W.Kaiser & J-H.Meyer

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