Greece, the EEC and the Cold War, 1974-1979: The Second Enlargement

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Auteur(s)Karamouzi Eirini, Eirini Karamouzi

TitreGreece, the EEC and the Cold War, 1974-1979: The Second Enlargement

Ville d'éditionBasingstoke

Maison d'éditionPalgrave Macmillan




Numéro d'édition (1re, 2e...)272


Greece, the EEC and the Cold War, 1974-1979 explores the history of the European Economic Community (EEC) in the turbulent decade of the 1970s and especially the Community's response to the fall of the Greek dictatorship and the country's application for EEC membership. The book constitutes the first multi-archival study on the second enlargement of the EEC, drawing on British, French, German, Irish, American, EEC and Greek sources. Thanks to its novel Community-centred approach, Eirini Karamouzi's work reveals the rationale behind the Nine's acceptance of the Greek application and details the dynamics of the accession negotiations in the evolving environment of détente and the rise of the Left in Southern Europe.

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Dr Eirini Karamouzi
Lecturer in Contemporary History, University of Sheffield
A.G. Leventis Fellow, SEESOX, Oxford

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