‘G-7s, European Councils and East-West Economic Relations, 1975-1982’

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Auteur(s)Angela Romano

Titre‘G-7s, European Councils and East-West Economic Relations, 1975-1982’

Directeur de l'ouvrageFederico Romero, Emmanuel Mourlon-Druol

Titre de l'ouvrageInternational Summitry and Global Governance. The Rise of the G-7 and the European Council, 1974-1991

Ville d'éditionLondon

Maison d'éditionRoutledge




This chapter questions the relevance of G7 and European Council summitry in the Western debate on economic relations with the East in the mid-1970s and early 1980s. Summitry’s effectiveness is evaluated against the following points: consensus- and trust-building, coordination of policies, and endorsement of actual measures. It is ultimately argued that a summit’s outcome depended on pre-existing consensus on policy towards the East. Summits did not prove useful in favouring reconciliation of divergent positions, and at times engendered misunderstandings; conversely, when participants’ stances were similar, summits allowed for improved coordination of policies and even adoption of common measures.

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