Les origines de la citoyenneté européenne, de 1974 à 1992


AutorIn(en) Emmanuel Comte

Titel Les origines de la citoyenneté européenne, de 1974 à 1992

Werktitel L’Europe des citoyens et la citoyenneté européenne. Évolutions, limites et perspectives

Veröffentlichungsort Bern

Verlag Peter Lang


Jahr 2016

Seiten 69-87

URL http://www.emmanuel-comte.eu/publication_2338.html

This chapter reviews European negotiations on European citizenship from 1974 through 1992. It shows that the project of European citizenship progressed alongside German security problems and the German project for a European foreign policy or a European defence. Citizenship rights were meant to guarantee the support for common foreign and defence policies. The negotiated rights were the right to participate in political life and an unconditional right of residence. For both rights however, the article shows that European citizenship was still incomplete in 1992 after the treaty of Maastricht. Voting and eligibility rights were limited to local and European elections and the right of residence required demonstrating sufficient resources.

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