The Soviet Union and European integration: mid-1940s-mid-1960s

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Auteur(s)Mikhail Lipkin

TitreThe Soviet Union and European integration: mid-1940s-mid-1960s

Ville d'éditionMoscou

Maison d'éditionAcadémie des Sciences, Institut d'histoire universelle (IVI RAN)



Липкин М.А. Советский Союз и европейская интеграция: середина 1940-х – середина 1960-х годов. М.: ИВИ РАН, 2011. 304 с.

The book is dedicated to the history of European integration and international relations in the post-war Europe in a period from the end of the World War II to the end of Khrustchev’s rule in the USSR. It is based on new declassified archival sources from 8 archives (four Russian and four West-European archives). It shows the logic and evolution of Soviet approach to integration processes in Western Europe from the point of global and regional interests of the USSR. The analysis synchronizes attempts to reform CMEA as an eastern model of "socialist integration" with major trends in development of West-European models. It emphasizes the influence of objective and subjective factors on successes and failures of Soviet regional and global economic initiatives in 1950s- early 1960s.

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