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History Department, Erasmusplein 1 (Room 10.06), 6525 HT Nijmegen


Sujet : Dogmatic democracy. Direct elections for the European Parliament debated, 1958, 1961, encadré par Dr. W.P. van Meurs, (Radboud University Nijmegen), co-encadré par: Prof. dr. R.A.M. Aerts (), soutenu (27-9-2012)


Sujet : Democracy in words and deeds in the European Communities, 1950-1967, encadré par Prof. dr. R.A.M. Aerts (Radboud University Nijmegen), co-encadré par: Prof. dr. E. van der Zweerde (Dr. W.P. van Meurs), inscrit ()

The prevailing image of the early years of European integration (1950-1967), in media and academia alike, is that it was a purely diplomatic and technocratic affair. In the shadow of the powerful European Commission and the Council of Ministers, however, two European representative institutions attempted to democratise the European project. They were the European Parliament, as the representative of European citizens, and the European Economic and Social Committee, as the representative of European civil society.

My project aims to elucidate the way in which the members of these institutions fulfilled their representative role and how they sought for ways to counterbalance the technocratic style of Community policy making. They aimed for stronger democratic control, more involvement in policy making and direct elections for the European Parliament. These ambitions remained largely unfulfilled. In the light of the EU's alleged democratic deficit, this does, however, beg the question what alternative ideas about legitimacy these representatives had and how they envisaged democracy at the European level.

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